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Welcome to my blog. I am a reader, writer, listener, companion, photographer (just another hobby) and quiet more. I started writing when I was 12 and I wasn’t good. I only wrote because I was reticent and a thinker. So I had to do something about my thoughts, and I started writing. I mostly love writing Poems and sometimes even try writing articles, blogs and quotes.

Like everyone else’s, my life wasn’t easy and I have had many ups and downs. And I have mostly learnt from them and extracted the good from all the experiences, got inspired and turned them to some of my works. Although not everything I have here is inspired from my own story, some are inspirations from people around me, or a song, a quote I read somewhere, little things that bring happiness or anything that wakes the writer in me.


There are days I write and days I don’t! As a working professional I try to keep the writer in me alive whenever I can manage to find some time or inspiration. I’m not very good but I try to put my thoughts into words and share them with you. Read them and share your thoughts. Like if you enjoy and follow if you think I’m not that bad (hahaha)… I always believe in quality over quantity, so I hope my writings can help bring a positive change in someone or something and do good to the society. This way I want to do my bit in help making the world a better place and of course make my thoughts reach people.

So hello!! from Sowbhagya, mediocre blogger and a photography lover 🙂 Hope you enjoy reading my perceptions on life and feel free to share yours too… Let’s exchange notes and explore the imperfections in us and our journey, help each other love them and accept them!!!

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