A life true to yourself

Just be you and do not fake

As they, you needn’t do…

When you’re being yourself, you don’t need to be cautious. When you’re not lying, you don’t need to remember everything you say. When you’re same inside out, you don’t need no make-up or branded clothes to cover your inner self stressing to be a different person to outside the world.

People often misconstrue themselves of knowing who they are and start evaluating others for what they know of people. Nobody knows anybody’s story. In fact, nobody knows their own story completely. If at all you know something about what happened to you, it is just based on the prevailing situation and your capacity to think about it at that circumstance. Because as the time goes by, you realize how differently the situation could have been handled and what impact it could have had on your life. But you just go with the emotion that you feel in a certain way during that state of your life. Don’t you think so?

So, don’t be judgmental. When you realize you’re wrong, try to make it right. When you know someone else is wrong, help them set it right rather than ignoring it as you feel you might be disliked for doing that. And sometimes, just don’t let the person continue with the wrong doings because you benefit from them in other ways and don’t want to end the subscription of the advantages you get from them. You will never appreciate yourself for that. Trust me!! Stand up for the good and the right, no matter which side it demands you to be on.

The world can be a better place, I can be a better person and you can be too. We just need to understand that we don’t take anything when we leave. We leave memories in the minds and hearts of people to whom we did good and mainly we leave our soul content and authentic.

So JUST BE YOU and stop hiding from yourself or trying to impress people by convincing yourself to be like them when you are not one of them.


In response to Susi’s haiku challenge # 10.

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      1. Also, don’t forget to link back to my original piece in case there are others who read your blog who would like to know how to participate in the challenge.


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