All-Time Favorites

I have a lot of favorite places to visit yet, but the places i have visited so far have also given me some beautiful memories and have made it to my FAVORITES list πŸ™‚

Sharing a few here!!


A camping sight on-top of a mountain which created a beautiful story of a day in my life.

Somewhere on the way to Sarpass, at the foot of Himalayas situated in Himachal Pradesh, India.




Another scenic while returning from the summit Sarpass. The layers of mountains and their mesmerizing shades of blue they created was something that caught everyone’s attention. And with people in the frame, it made us realize how tiny we are in front of the gigantic calm mountains!


This is a small lake situated in the heart of the city Mysore (Mysuru), Karnataka in India.

An evening walk created this beautiful scene and I couldn’t let it go, so i captured it and kept forever! πŸ™‚


Hope you liked my photography. Thanks!



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