Loneliness by Force, Solitude by Choice…

To choose or not to choose are the options only applicable for Solitude. Whereas, nobody has a choice when they confront Loneliness.

I wake up in the morning, with no thoughts in mind. While I’m getting ready I listen to music (which lifts my heart and makes me feel happy) to make myself feel I’m the happiest in the world. I start my journey to the office thinking hell lot of things about my work and meetings, how late I will have to stay today, how I will ignore people who piss me off, etc., and the day at work goes sometimes as expected and sometimes as an experience. Now that the day has come to an end, I pack my bags to return to my nest. Once I’m back I start checking my cell phone for my messages (if any), then watch TV, do some random things so that the clock strikes 12 or my mind feels sleepy. Next day I wake up and then the same journey continues.

Am I not missing something? Is this all I do each day? My life sucks? Oh my God!! The answer is YES in capitals. When do I spend time with my family? What are my friends doing? What is happening around me?? I know nothing…

This is what life has made me today, in fact most of us. This is because of such a lifestyle you feel lonely in life. You have no one to talk to when you feel lonely as everyone is busy or that’s what you assume to be. You don’t know how you are feeling about everything going on in your life. Now you are confused whether you are lonely in life or have chosen solitude because you are your own best friend and spending time with yourself is not being lonely.


You feel like talking to someone, but no one to listen. You want to tell your story about how your day was, what new you did or how weird you felt. And you see no one beside you to share. Feelings are such things which cannot be explained but can only be experienced. Loneliness is one such feeling which has a very strong impact on any individual. Loneliness is not only felt when you are alone, it is also present even when you are one amidst the crowd because you don’t enjoy the company of the people you are with and need the ones with whom you feel comfortable. Most of the people go to depression because of this feeling and some get into wrong relationships only to end up in misery or left heart broken.

In today’s life, people have become insensitive towards the feelings, humanity, and kindness. They have only grown up to become individuals who are concerned about living in a highly materialistic society. World has changed so much today that people are researching about animals having feelings and emotions but none remember human is gifted with those and yet fail to even know how wonderful the gift is, as human has stopped feeling anything for anyone.
The other meaning of being alone is Solitude, but this comes with all the positive things added to it unlike Loneliness. Solitude is a state where a person chooses to be alone and spend time with self. This gives the inner peace and makes you meet with the real you inside. You start thinking of what you are capable of and what you lack. It somehow helps you improvise yourself in every aspect. In solitude you start giving importance to yourself, you take care of yourself and get to know what your likes and dislikes are. You listen to your mind whether it wants to sing or dance or sit in a calm place and feel that happiness which silence can give. People also pick up their hobby kits and enjoy what they love doing. This is the advantage of Solitude where you are alone but not lonely. Solitude cannot be achieved by force. Because when Solitude is forced it becomes Loneliness. But you can always choose Solitude in place of prolonged Loneliness as there is no optimism existing in loneliness. It only makes you feel isolated and feel like nobody likes you.

When Loneliness is juxtaposed with Solitude, it becomes easy to understand the state of ones mind and decide what you want to make of it!!

“Language…has created the word ‘loneliness’ to express the pain of being alone. And it has created the word ‘solitude’ to express the glory of being alone.” – Paul Tillich


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