Satisfied Or Content?

A new dress, a brand new phone, a peppy car and lots of money.  That’s not it, as the list goes on and on and on… Don’t you think so?
Yeah. We are human and we are always greedy for something or the other. As a child we aren’t satisfied with one chocolate or two pencils. As a teenager we aren’t satisfied with just a new dress and no matching accessories with it. As a grown adult we aren’t satisfied with the job we have and salary we earn.

When I’m alone, I sit back and think… What can make me feel satisfied? When can I get the feeling of contentment? Will I ever get it or not? Are there people in the world who are content and not greedy for anything? Or am I the only one wanting for more? No. I don’t think so.

Let me shoot a question to you before starting this. “ARE YOU CONTENT WITH YOUR LIFE?” Or “ARE YOU SATISFIED IN LIFE?” Think about it. There is a very thin line between Satisfaction and Contentment.
Satisfaction is the happiness you get when you get that something you always wanted, while Contentment is the blissfulness you achieve with whatever you have.

So, if your answer is ‘Yes’ for the 1st question, then it’s great. Because it makes me feel that you have made a lot of compromises in life and have killed that greedy person within you who never stops wanting for more and keeps infecting you with the wanting virus.

And if your answer is ‘Yes’ for the 2nd question, then it means that you’re happy for that moment for achieving what you were longing for and very soon your subject for longing will be replaced with a new WANT in life.
Now, if you failed to give a ‘Yes’ for any of the questions then you are unhappy with you in the first place and then with your life.


“Happiness is self-contentedness.” – Aristotle

To have Satisfaction in life, is to reach your goal; to reach your goal it needs your hard work and the confidence in you on yourself to make it happen. Most of us lack the confidence since we start comparing ourselves with wrong role models in different areas. Then we land up giving a very bad score for ourselves. DON’T. Never compare with anyone. No two persons can have equal scores or talent in anything. Put in your effort and strive hard to attain it. If you can’t get it even after that then it is something which you are not made for. With the same determination and strength, try reaching something you think you can and have confidence for. Yes I know nothing is Impossible as everyone say. But in reality, each individual has a different caliber. But that optimism of thinking nothing is Impossible can truly help you to move ahead in life.

We are not finished here. Attaining satisfaction is not an end for being happy, contentment is. Once you’re satisfied with something, soon you’re heart starts craving for another. To be content in Life is to celebrate life with what you are and what you have. Here you never come across the feeling of want until and unless it’s a need. It’s like you see a very beautiful cake and feel happy just by looking at it but you’re not wanting to eat it. So that happiness without yearning is Contentment. It’s not easy for anyone to arrive at this place. At the same time it’s not a back breaking task too. A simple thought in your mind can stop you wanting something which is not a need to you. Think if you really need it as it is a necessity or just because the person next to you has it? Think if you cannot survive without it. Give yourself some time to figure out why you want it. After you have given so much thought to it, you’re clear of your next step.

Love yourself, respect your thoughts and decisions, feel good, feel happy, be an optimist, share a smile, hug to express the warmth, be simple, take time, feel light at heart and mind, stop worrying for things you can’t make straight, help the needy (the happiness it gives is endless), make friends, laugh it out, enjoy life… Contentment is on its way to reach you as you’re welcoming it by open arms.

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