Expectation: The Murderer!!!

Well, if you’re laughing at the title then I completely understand that 😀 Yes, I believe expectation is a murderer. Don’t you think so? Just give it a thought. We expect something from someone and when that doesn’t happen, we are hurt. Sometimes the pain felt is minimal and sometimes it goes to the extreme. The depth of the pain depends on how strong a person is or how close the person you are expecting from is to you. And this way expectation keeps killing us not just one time but many times. If you’re lucky then someday you will get used to the disappointment and pain it gives you and if not, hmmm then better start getting used to it. Because looking at the present scenario of the society and people, there is no escape from this disappointment from expectation. Everybody is so busy in their own life and not everyone cares about what is expected from them and when.

As they say “Never expect anything from anyone, because expectation always hurts”. But I have a serious question here. Don’t you think it’s fair to expect for something from someone you believe, trust or love? May be because you are ready to do the same for them even without them asking for you to do it. Okay now if you’re thinking that it is not necessary for everyone to have the same opinion of being ready to do something for someone as expected. Yeah, I also agree with that thought. But tell me this, why would we give a place to that person in our life without having an expectation on them? We make friends so that we have them with us to share our happiness, sadness, difficulties, loneliness, craziness and what all? And what is the point in having them when they are not there for us even when we need them? What is the point of having such relationships in life? Oops! That’s a lot of questions in a small paragraph, isn’t it? Now that’s another 😀


Anyway, I’m just confused with the word Expectation here. When looked for its meaning it says: a strong belief that something will happen or be the case. But that doesn’t answer any of my questions. As I said earlier, we expect from someone only because of the belief we have in them or we think that the expectation will be fulfilled. Then why do we have to be disappointed? May be that’s because we are forgetting certain things in life which are vital and need to exist in our lives such as understanding that we need people and people need us. It’s just not money, fame or material comfort that are to be given importance. Try giving time to someone you know needs you and expects you to be there for them.

Shakespeare said “Expectation is the root of all heartaches”. So, if we remove this root from our heart, won’t it also remove the essence of having any kind of relationship with anyone? So, I guess I should stop expecting as well as thinking that something could be expected from the person I completely trust or believe to be there for me when I need them. But still the question in my mind remains ‘WHY IS IT WRONG TO EXPECT FROM PEOPLE WHO THINK YOU ARE IMPORTANT TO THEM?’

At the end of the day, it’s just a surprise or a shock that is waiting for you from anyone and everyone you EXPECT.


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