Let me be…


She gave a tender kiss to her mom, left home with a joyful mind

And played on the streets carefree all day, to only come back at the eventide,

All the boys and girls got together, made the neighbourhood come alive

Which led to making memories where her childhood would forever reside.


Swift passed the days as the time rode on rapid wheels

Leaves dried up and scattered everywhere the precinct.

Puberty had hit, and was hard to welcome this harsh change

As she knew it was something unfavorable and distinct…


An exam she had to pass now, every time she crossed those doors

Where’re you going? What are you wearing? was all just a mock…

‘Don’t let them show’, ‘don’t let them know’ and a plentiful to say,

They berated and preyed on her, in a minds room closed with a lock.


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