I’m Flyin’…

That moment when you cross my mind
You make my face beam bright with a smile.
Yes, I come alive in a world so mine
My heart popping bubbles like it’s nine.
I’m lost from the earth as I set to traverse
To the galaxies far away in the Universe…
I’m flyin’
I’m divin’
A feeling that’s so divine
I’m rollin’
I’m crawlin’
Into a world that’s so mine…
 Oh baby when I think of you, I’m lost in the crowd with no clue
I search for a face that’s just you
To bring me back to the place I knew
And when you hold my hand and lead me through
I feel I’m walkin’ on the clouds
Across which the beautiful birds just flew…
I’m flyin’
I’m dyin’
Soon you’re gonna vanish
I’m cryin’
I’m beggin’
Please don’t go, I know you’re leavin’…
 Then you promise to stay, only to listen to me say
That you are mine in every way
I feel the happiness that you display
You hold my hand to play and sway
You pull me close, hold my waist
Kiss my forehead and it’s the end of the day…
I’m flyin’
I’m tryin’
Hold you back from leavin’
I’m cravin’
I’m sayin’
I want you with me dancing…
You embrace just to make me feel so real
I’m locked in your arms, you’re so warm to feel
And the very next moment I see you kneel
To present me a beautiful ring of white and teal
I fall in love with you all over again, coz
You made it so perfect and surreal…

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