You are what you chose to be…

Do you agree that we human beings are often running behind something or the other? And when we can’t achieve or own it, some of us fail to handle the loss. Certain things are not in our control. But some people just can’t accept this fact and end up losing everything for something not worth it. You either give up or get up, you are what you choose to be…

I want to tell people who chose to give up that, this is not the end. No matter where you are in life, no matter how dark it is right now., this is not the end of your story. You don’t have to feel depressed.

Did you know that almost half the population suffers from depression at some stage throughout their life? We have heard so many stories on how people lost their lives because of depression.


I have come across such a person who decided to end her life and not fight against something that won over her. It was a close friend of mine I lost a few years ago. She was beautiful, always positive, encouraging and ever smiling. She was my mentor, my inspiration and my well-wisher. I do not want to name her but “A woman of substance” is what I can summarize her as for you. A Tide that came in her life made her write the final lines of her story and she was found hanging to a fan with a rope. The day I got this news I obviously couldn’t believe it. Coz I always thought she was the strongest person I knew and had always looked up to her. I went to the crematory only to see her decayed body and a foul smell had spread everywhere. Yes, it was all decomposed coz nobody knew where she was and only found her 3 days after the incident. Nobody knew why she took that step. Looked like this plan was on her mind from a long time. Her death note said she was tired of her life and couldn’t live anymore. Even today when I close my eyes and think of her I see that day in front of me and it literally scares me.

After this, I questioned myself that how did she even keep so much pain, frustration inside and never showed it or talked about it to anyone? By doing this she failed me and my impression on her, she failed everyone who looked up to her, she failed her family and most of all she failed herself.

As the quote says, “Pain is inevitable but suffering is a choice”. The pain will leave you someday so, own it, embrace it, don’t look away from it or bury it. It will only make you stronger for tomorrow. Live for the people who live for you and because of you, your life means something to somebody other than just you. There are something’s in your life that you can’t change, that you’re gonna live with. Talk to friends or family about it, they are there for you. Stand up, challenge the situation and show your strength, because you’re stronger than you think you are. And the final chapter of your story will tell “You are what you chose to be.”

Don’t give up. You are worthy. You are MORE than worthy!


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