I donno…

I donno why I fall so deep sometimes

I donno why I start to weep sometimes
I know I am not strong enough to ignore whatever kills me inside
But why is that they haunt me and take me to their world at those irregular times?


When all of my strength has been drained out and in vain
All that’s lost and taken away from me, I can never again complain
As I stand alone all set to give up the aimless battle in rain
I’m all clueless and without a word to say
For my mouth has been poisoned by Time, with a dumb cane
Something puts me back in shape and kicks me forward; may be a miracle I should say
Helps me get my breath back and fills me with a courage hard to resist
By making me stride with an energy to face whatever that is…

But I am unsure of this power that comes to me
Is it the will that comes as power, to live the life we are supposed to lead?
I donno what it is, I just donno what it is…

Leave behind the memories that hinder the path you walk in,
What is gone is gone forever and to the farthest of the distance; you can’t see it comin’
Life is hard for those who fear, you are the survivor who has made it till here
Then why step back now after the view behind the snow is so clear
Hey you, the Leader of your life; hold your head high and march like a soldier
Don’t let a single war frighten you and bring your life to a closure
It is then you will feel it too, the power that comes as a miracle
Yes it does, because you are as well a companion in the life’s circle

But still, I am unsure if this is when the power comes to me
So you temme, can you feel it too coming when you act accordingly?
Coz I donno what it is, yes I still donno what it is…


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