SHE – Scared Helpless Enslaved

On her lap she takes the child and caresses her,
Wiping the tears away she hugs the kid to cover.
Yes she saved her girl who is already half dead,
Before she could sleep forever on the death bed.

Closed is the door of Hope,
From the ceiling hung a Rope.
Her daughter is lying naked and hurt..
All her clothes tore and burnt.

She is shocked to see her daughter crying like this;
She is angry on Men who slaughter her girl like this…
Helpless is the woman, confused, scared and alone,
Crying loudly, exhausted, all her strength gone.
She, asking to stop being so barbaric and wild;
Begging the beasts not to feed on her child.

SHE, the mother of every girl child;
SHE, the one called as Mother Earth,
Is ashamed and embarrassed…
Enough of this Cruelty and violence,
She can no more be in Silence…


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