Why Mind Seesaw?!

I always wanted to read people’s mind for all the different sort of reason that I had 😛 like what does he think of me? Or what is my boss’s paycheck? Or even better, to predict the next winning lotto numbers… Oh boy, I certainly would have list of things that I would have done if I had those psychic powers. But once I wake up to reality it’s an entirely a different story, in fact the only thought that comes to me is that how well our mind conceives the fact that I was dreaming from the hard reality while I was sleeping all this time in my living room. So that brings me to this conclusion: “Our mind acts as a seesaw or imagining mind placed on a seesaw going up and down which cannot be kept constant”.

A Seesaw interprets an important characteristic of our mind by how it keeps changing the state from High to Low and then again from Low to High. Our mind changes itself every fraction of a second. It acts as a drugged monkey, never at one place. It always keeps wandering like a nomad without a specific goal.

As young ones, our mind absorbs everything it sees and understands in and around of its environment. The perceptions we take in as a child, may it be the emotions, attitude towards life, behavior of the society and many more are all the aspects it takes to create a base for the future of the mind of that child. Sometimes the mind changes with time and sometimes with experience.  And when the child grows to be an Individual, the stories Mind has heard inspires it to choose the paths for life. Those paths can be either Empowering or Depressing and Demoralizing.

Here I named my blog “Mind Seesaw” because my mind keeps on swinging. This moment I am happy and the next I am sad, later I get excited and start acting crazy. All of a sudden I am confused and think that my mind is insane.And it’s at those times I sit back with in silence to pen down the emotions and thoughts running within. But yes sometimes my mind thinks something other than what I feel and gives me a chance to write what I have seen and heard but not felt inside me.

You need not be a writer to write what’s going on in your mind. It’s just a pen n paper and courage to write what you are. Because what you write is what you think you are and portraying yourself to others through the words you ink.

So that is what I do here, write my heart and mind out without giving a second thought what impression people will get on me.

Read it, ignore it, take it with you or leave the thoughts with the page…. All I wanted is to share my thoughts and I am doing it! 🙂


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